Looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce material and production costs? Let BMP International take a look at your product or process and provide a cost savings solution. Have an idea for a new product? We can take your ideas and translate them into components, sub-systems or stand-alone products.
We know that design, engineering and manufacturing should work together seamlessly. Problem is that all too often they don't. BMP International takes a holistic approach to understand customer's design - even when it comes to a component.
We look at what the end result should be, and then examine the structure of the component, how it fits into the total product, the manufacturing process involved - even the materials used - to ensure we've put together the right solution to meet your needs.
When a product moves into the engineering phase, a cross-functional business team ensures its successful development and launch. Our systemic approach takes into consideration the process needed to bring a new product to market - everything from tooling, prototype, production, packaging, code compliance, logistics, and dead lines.
BMP International, Inc.
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